# 1776 Change Manager

(Project on Multi factor Authentication)

Portland, OR

Duration start 1 year (renewable)

To develop, lead and execute full change management strategy and plan for Multi-Factor Authentication project. Change manager will be responsible for developing and leading all communications, communications plan, training plan, adoption metrics, change roadmap; performing readiness assessments; developing stabilization plans.

This role will primarily support the Multi-Factor Authentication project and may also provide support to other IT projects.

The Multi-Factor Authentication project will roll out a new system for users logging in to systems. The change manager will need to advise on overall rollout schedule and determine change, communication, and training approaches necessary to ensure smooth adoption of new login processes for all employees and contractors.

Working with small project team, and previous experience working with utility, engineers, union; IT project experience, Communications, Training

Top 3 skills to be successful in this role:

Familiar with technology, ability to collaborate with multiple partners in different areas of business, able to work with all levels from lineman to executive sponsor