Job # 2347

Job Title: Customer Service Lead

Duration: 6+ mo. contract

Work Location: Portland, OR

Job Description:

  • Customer service lead responsible for handling varying types of customer inquiries that support our products and services; from simple to complex.
    Manage the team inbox: categorize, analyze and troubleshoot inquiry, update system data when necessary, and respond to email responses/calls that come in from different dealers or direct customers.
  • Review and analyze customer service inquiries to better understand and be able to identify system enhancement opportunities supporting excellent customer experience.
  • Ability to troubleshoot inquiries and understand if they are systemic in nature or not.
  • Identify system bugs and/or enhancements required to effectively support our customers.
  • Present these documented system requirements required to the application owner for review and approval.
  • Understand our products and services and how they are supported by our system architecture.
  • Ability to learn the system functionality required.
  • Effective communication is required.
  • Build and manage robust KPI’s around a customer issue matrix that will be based on direct interface with customer inquiries.
  • Ability to create a power point presentation that accurately and concisely reflects the story of your findings; be able to present your findings efficiently and effectively to a larger audience on a bi-weekly basis.

Job Functions:

  • Manage the team in-box and the actions required to support dealer and customer inquiries.
  • BSA skills.
  • Manually enter data into systems in a time efficient manner and complete with precision and accuracy.
  • Ability to troubleshoot complex business problems and identify solutions. Identify if they are systemic.
  • Ability to translate spreadsheets into data to be manually entered into systems.
  • Ability to understand automated processes to automatically upload data into systems.
  • Ability to do quality checks on manually entered data.
  • Troubleshoot and investigate potential data issues with customers.
  • Analyze data and mold that data in reports using Tableau/Excel
  • Preferred: Bachelor’s Degree (In lieu of degree will consider someone with heavy Data Analytics experience)
  • Top 3 MUST-HAVE Skills:
    1. Customer Service Experience. Motivated, proactive, and customer focused individual that can effectively communicate to both customers and internal team members.
    2. Strong troubleshooting and analytical skills with the ability to handle complex problems.
    3. Understand the working off multiple systems that support our products and services