Job Number: 2000

Job title: Compliance Analyst - consultant
Duration: 1 year

Location: Portland Downtown

Brief Job Description

  • Leads and coordinates projects to identify new work standards, procedures and business practices to ensure regulatory compliance, such as SOX. Executes, defines and provides direction for internal functional processes and procedures.
  • Oversees compliance reviews within operational domain. Leads projects to report compliance with appropriate standards. Analyzes data, identifies gaps, tracks trends and recommends remediation strategies. Collaborates with Corporate Regulatory Compliance on initiatives and reviews
  • Researches leading trends in compliance, regulatory or technology changes and assess implications. Analyzes implications, determines which procedures or processes are impacted and develops recommendations to support and influence corporate policy and program development.

Required Skills:

  • 4+ years experience in combination with compliance and one or more years of utility operations, cyber security or auditing, which includes at least two years of FERC/NERC or SOX.
  • Knowledge of Information Technology processes and procedures in operational domain.
  • Knowledge of relevant regulations and reliability standards.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of Audit Practices including;
  • Standards (ISO, COBIT, ITIL, or other).
  • Requirements (SOX, FERC, NERC or other)
  • Advanced knowledge of corporate and operational compliance and risk management principles and protocols.
  • Advanced skills in leading others and planning, organizing and executing complex technical studies to demonstrate compliance with regulations and standards
  • Top 3 skills to be successful in this role:
    Analytical thinking
    Written and oral communications
    Problem Solving