Job Number: 1760

Job title: IT Infrastructure Project Manager – Consultant

Duration: 1 year. Location in Portland, OR

The primary objective of the Transition Planning and Support role is to coordinate resources to ensure specifications for the service design are realized and starting with the transition phase, to identify, manage and limit risks that could interrupt the service in operation.

Engages with technical design and project managers or Project Management Office, to ensure correct products are produced, in a timely fashion. Evaluates the quality of project outputs against agreed acceptance criteria.
Evaluates and independently appraises the internal control of automated business processes, based on investigative evidence and assessments undertaken by self or team. Ensures that independent appraisals follow agreed procedure and advises others on the review process. Provides advice to management on ways of improving the effectiveness and efficiency of their control mechanisms. Identifies and evaluates associated risks and how they can be reduced.

Required Experience:

8+ years’ experience with delivery of Service Management for a large scale business operation with demonstrated experience with related discipline responsibilities.
8+ years’ experience with development of policies, processes and procedures for Knowledge Management
Strong experience with Infrastructure Project Management
Prefers ITIL Certification
Describe the project this resource will be working on: Various capital/new build infrastructure projects that support the rest of the organization.

Infrastructure background is a MUST .
Server builds – windows and/or UNIX and VM
Corporate networking
Data Center support needs
IT Service Desk support needs
Infrastructure operations team needs

• Top 3 skills to be successful in this role:

Other than one or more of the above…
1. Ability to bring clarity from chaos
2. Well organized (as we are not yet)
3. Flexible – we are still forming what this role looks like