Job #: 6511332

Title: Java Cloud Application Engineer

Location: Portland Area

Duration: 6 Month Renewable Contract


  • Understanding and experience in one or more Hot Skill Technology (Java, .net, SAP, PeopleSoft, See Beyond).
  • Manages employees, sets goals, coach's staff, supports development, collaborates on hiring decisions, disciplinary actions, performance management, and recognition, and rewards.
  • Develops action plans and processes, in coordination with management team, for integrating activities and optimizing department resources to meet major goals and objectives.
  • Facilitates or performs application support, problem solving, and issue resolution with internal and external resources.
  • Contributes and reviews recommendations for technical solutions.
  • Manages and/or contributes to the technical components of the RFPprocess.
  • Resolves issues and determines options for issue resolution
  • Manages and/or contributes to the technical components of the RFP process.
  • Resolves issues and determines options for issue resolution and risk mitigation.
  • Defines and communicates requirements for technical environments and determines the technical scope for projects.
  • Provides technical estimates for project budget input to Senior/Project Manager.
  • Leads and owns engagements with software vendors to ensure that code and configuration requirements and deliverables are met.
  • Enforces architecture, governance, security, and global process standards to system changes and deployments.
  • Coordinates compliance issue identification and remediation.
  • Collaborates with other teams on integration needs/design.
  • Contributes Collaborates with other teams on integration needs/design.
  • Contributes to database design and creates critical-path, high-risk, advanced technical designs.
  • Approves proof of concept efforts and reviews results.
  • Enforce client and department architectural direction and ensure consistent technical approach within department.
  • Decide on engineering tools based on recommendations.
  • Allocate resources based on performance monitoring and tuning results.
  • Manage and enforce performance thresholds and standards.
  • Review and approve performance test results, recommendations, and tuning results.
  • Oversee and is responsible for the creation of test plans, test execution, and validation of test results.

Skills and Education:


  • Java, .net, SAP, See Beyond, or PeopleSoft
  • SAFe Agile (should be a believer in the process)
  • DevOps and T-shaped resource believer/practitioner
  • Springboot Java
  • Docker (enough to build and run their own images)
  • CloudFormation / Terraform
  • Jenkins Groovy DSL
  • Groovy/Maven (Wrappers)
  • Semantic Versioning & Artifact Management tech (e.g., Artifactory, Nexus, etc.)

AWS Product:

  • Elastic Search
  • Cloud Formation
  • Lambda
  • S3
  • Beanstalk/CodeDeploy/ECS


  • Kubernetes
  • Ruby Cucumber
  • Puppet / Chef / Ansible
  • NoSQL (MongoDB, etc.) & relational SQL
  • Swagger UI
  • Authentication/Authorization technology (e.g., Springboot auth, Ping Federated, SSL certificate signing/verification/creation, etc.)

AWS Product:

  • Kinesis
  • DynamoDB
  • VPC
  • JAVA 5 Years,
  • API 3 Years, and NOSQL 2 Years
  • Bachelor’s Degree and minimum of 5 years directly relevant work experience
    • Note:One of the following alternatives may be accepted:
    • PhD or Law + 3 yrs;
    • Masters + 4 yrs;
    • Associates degree + 6 yrs;
    • High School + 7 yrs.