Title: Operations Analyst 1
Specialty: Personnel and Information Security
Job #: 9374
Application Due Date: 2020-01-24
Location: Portland, OR
Job Length: Multi-year opportunity with a full benefits package

Position Overview:
This position will provide a variety of program analysis efforts; improvement recommendations and implementation support; facilitation and coordination of special program focus areas (such as Access Revocation, Badging, and Access Issuance, Light Activation and Credentialing systems, Field Activator, etc.); project management support for special program initiatives; and, back-up support for Program Support Specialist duties. While this position will provide a wide range of analysis and perform a variety of other operational functions, they will also be expected to perform the duties related to onboarding, badging and access issuance and revocation, assistance with audits and assessments; program and project support for the NNC group.

• Research and analyze internal processes and functions to gather information on automated systems, their behaviors and work processes to identify gaps in quality control and quality assurance. Recommend effective changes in processes and procedures to address such gaps.
• Analyze, model, document process and procedures and recommend solutions for efficiency improvements in support of HSPD 12, NERC CIP, DOE personnel security, information security and OPM program requirements; present findings and recommendations to appropriate Client manager / personnel for review, consideration and adoption.
• Analyze research and facilitate efficiency improvement solutions for implementation of DOE personnel security and information security program requirements.
• Analyze the adequacy of existing systems to track inquiries, requests and tasks utilizing effective information technology tools.
• Coordinate responses on behalf of NNP Manager in response to requests, surveys, and other compliance activities.
• Develop and document processes and procedures for performance testing and evaluating adherence to established policies and procedures.
• Develop and document processes, procedures and training related to Access Revocation, Badging Issuance, and Identity, Credential and Access Management.
• Facilitate team efforts to develop project management goals for tracking program progress/validate data, objectives, and milestones in support of Client wide Access Revocation and ICAM implementation schedule.
• Perform essential access revocation actions in support of NERC CIP and DOE requirements.
• Coordinate with PERSEC/INFOSEC Program and NNC Leads on recommended improvements, changes and course corrections.
• Clarify ambiguous language or instructions and write technical documents that result in accurate systems controls that function as planned.
• Compile reporting metrics for each area of the NNP and NNC office, as needed.
• With Client Managerial oversight and approval - plan, execute and document security and continuity tests, audits and evaluations.
• Develop management reporting tools that document and communicate the progress of standards-related activities to verify timely completion.
• Propose priorities and prepare final documentation on assigned processes for management approval.
• Provide guidance and input to technical reviews of proposed projects.
• Provide back-up support for various Personnel, Information Security program functions and physical access systems by performing duties related to compliance, fingerprint/biometric capture, onboarding, badging and access issuance and revocation, assistance with audits and assessments, Foreign Visits and Assignments (FVA); the daily work of the Personnel and Information Security organization.
• As requested by appropriate Client manager / other federal personnel, may act as point of contact to organize, coordinate and facilitate team efforts to develop, draft and present improvement recommendations related to: goals for tracking program progress; data validation; and, objectives and milestones in support of Client-wide PERSEC/INFOSEC implementation schedule(s). Present recommendations to Client manager / personnel for review and approval.
• Perform analysis of in-place technical and non-technical access management, credentialing and personnel risk assessment security controls. Provide recommendations for improvements, increased controls, etc. to Client manager/personnel for review and approval.
• Participate in meetings and ad hoc committees to develop, draft and recommend local PERSEC and Continuity related implementation plans and instructions based on well-defined program objectives; provide recommendations to appropriate Client manager / personnel for review and approval/acceptance.
• Review, learn and apply DOE directives, guidelines, and manuals to validate Client’s implementation and compliance efforts are properly aligned including DOE Continuity regulations, HSPD-12, NERC CIP and OPM; escalate concerns and questions to Client manager/personnel as needed.

Education & Corresponding Experience:
• A degree in Business Administration, Business Management, Organizational Development, Criminal Justice, Computer Science, Project Management or a directly-related field is preferred.
o With an applicable Bachelor’s degree, 2 years of experience is required.
o With an applicable Associate’s degree, 4 years of experience is required.
o Without an applicable degree, 6 years of experience is required.
• Experience should include specific requirements of business and operational analysis and progressively more technical in nature.

Required Technical Skills & Experience:
• Prior experience with collection of fingerprints and use of fingerprinting systems, and access control systems.

Preferred Skills & Experience:
• Knowledge and experience with federal credentialing processes and requirements.
• Knowledge of principles of Personnel Security, Access Control, or NERC CIP compliance policies and processes.
• Experience researching and maintaining proficiency in tools, techniques, countermeasures, and trends in Identity, Credential and Access Management as well as NERC CIP and other regulatory compliance.

Pre-Employment Requirement:
All employment offers are contingent upon successful completion of our pre-employment screening that may include drug testing, background/criminal check, and if applicable, must meet eligibility requirements for access to classified information.

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