Job Number: 1732

Title: Project Manager

Duration: 6 + Months

Location: Portland

Project Description: This project will focus on helping to put together a comprehensive rapid response action plan that our HR Team can execute on once we get the official notice to close a facility. We are looking for someone with proven business closure/layoff experience for a large organization. This person will primarily focus on the people impacted/side of the project but will need to work closely with the Facility Closure PM for alignment and coordination.

Required Skills: Solid project management skills; experience with guiding business closures/layoffs

Preferred Skills: Some change management experience and skills preferred but not required. A Change Management resource will likely be assigned to this project.
Legal/investigatory experience helpful but not required.

Top Three Skills Needed for Success: Project Management, ability to bring together many different parts of the organization and work well with executive management.