Job Number: 2007

Working Job title: Product and Digital Roadmapper

Duration: 6 Months ( renewable)

Location: Portland Downtown

Brief Job Description:

Provide roadmapping support for product/program roadmaps and digital roadmaps. Person will meet with and be part of the core roadmap development team and have primary responsibility for turning the discussions into tangible roadmaps and project plans.

What is the size of the team this resource will be working with? The person will be working with two teams, a product development team which consists of 4-6 key players that will drive most discussions and decisions around the product and program roadmaps and a digital development team which also consists of 4 key players. This works supports

Required Skills:
1. Direct experience building product and/or digital roadmaps
2. Experience building Gantt charts and project plans, including timelines, milestones, owners and stage gates (review gates)
3. Ability to facilitate conversations to decisions (eg. deliverables, milestones and owners) that are critical to building the roadmaps
4. Ability to take direction and move quickly (action/results oriented)

Preferred job skills:
1. Experience in technology, utility and/or technology service companies directly related to product development and/or roadmap development

Top 3 skills to be successful in this role:
• Ability to build roadmaps that both articulate clarity and further drive decision making and prioritization
• Ability to work within the culture (action-oriented, collaborative and coalition building)