Job title: Usability Experience/Customer Experience Designer (CX/UX)
Location: Downtown PDX

Duration: 4-6 months +

Brief Job Description:

Immediate opening for a Senior level Usability Designer to Support the Customer Digital Channels team in the design and development of CX/UX materials and services.

-Conduct market research with client employees and customers
-Conduct formal and informal usability studies
-Conduct structured interviews and observation (task analysis)
-Design user experiences for the web and mobile channels
-Provide heuristic reviews of various user interfaces
-Guide Customer Experience discussions and propose UX design solutions
-Develop error messages, confirmation emails, SMS text messages, alerts & notifications
-Provide input to customer journey maps, functional definitions and task flows (user stories)

Skills and experience requirements:

  • 10 yrs experience in Usability Experience/Customer Experience Designer (CX/UX)
  • Visual Design Principles, Expert PowerPoint, Visio, UX tools.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Creative within Structure, Detail Oriented, Synthesis of Disparate Information